Photos - 2011

On the traditional Christmas day Tour d'Alameda. (L-R): Muzzy, Jill, Dave, Ben, Kromer, Sean, MB. Photo by Dan Turner


Impromptu pizza party at Highland Hospital, 11/29/11. Get well soon, Dana!


MB on Railroad Grade in Marin, 11/27/11. Their ride started at bike-friendly VeloRouge Café on Arguello in SF, went over the bridge and up Railroad Grade, ending up at Gestalt Haus in “downtown” Fairfax, then back to the city.


Dias Ridge Trail ride: "A beautiful day in the dirt, with very few other trail users, numerous views of waves crashing ashore, and some flowing singletrack." - photo by Lucas


How many EBVC-ers does it take to change a flat tire? - photo by Gary


EBVC heads north - to Sonoma, for a ride led by Gary Segraves on October 22 - photo by Gary


Bob Muzzy presents Greg Lemond with a signed (by Muzzy) photo of the two of them at the start of a race in Belgium in 1980.


He's EBVC orange - I nominate this Vizsla to be our team mascot! - photo by MB


Alyshia and Mike at the top of the tandem podium at Downieville, July 9, 2011 - photo by Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship


Mark Hornor navigates turn 1 at the Albany Criterium, July 17, 2011 - photo by Sean


MB thinks she is a sunflower - somewhere in the south of France, July 2011


Ian Lebowski, June 2011 - photo by Tony


It was supposed to be (unseasonably) rainy, but we managed to squeeze in a Pig Farm loop on Sunday, June 5. - photo by MB


Muzzy and MB had us over for delicious, home-made post-ride pizzas in their back yard in late April.


MB showing off her brand-new folding Land Shark.


S&S Couplers


Club photo in front of our bike shop sponsor, Solano Cyclery, March 5, 2011 - photo by Charlie


On the Penngrove - 2 Rock ride with Phil and his Colavita pals, Feb. 27, 2011 - photo by Muzzy