Members - Trevor Thorpe

Name Trevor Thorpe
Home Kensington, CA
Occupation Attorney
Experience USCF Category 1 - Zullo, G.S. Mengoni, Plymouth Reebok, co-founder of the first incarnation of EBVC; Collegiate Cycling Category A - 1988-1990, three NCCA Road Championships (Overall Team (UCSB), Road Race, TTT), 1990 US National Team at the World University Games in Majorca, Spain
Favorite race(s) Tour of Baja - fast racing over long distances; Pinkies - point-to-point, smooth fast climbs and unpaved rocky climb, smooth fast descent and tortuous unpaved rocky descent, long flat lead-in to the finish...
Pre-ride beverage I'm only partial to Peet's, because they have a great oatmeal chocolate chip cookie
Pre/post-ride hangout Southside (Domingo) Peet's, because Brian Flora had no reservations about heckling the thin-skinned locals double-parking and posing on their way to Rick and Ann's, which was great fun!
Overindulgent meal Osso Bucco at Jack's
Retirement/current bike I still have an old carbon fiber Miyata that I like (smooth); favorite dream retirement bike would be an old flat-crowned burnt orange Merckx, or a 753 Raleigh c. 1983, retrofitted with Dura-Ace.

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