Members - John Leslie

Name John Leslie
Home Wellington, NZ
Occupation Lecturer/Faculty Fellow Researcher
Experience USCF Cat 2 - raced in Germany from 1986-88; Collegiate Category A - East and West coasts!
Favorite race(s) Burlington Criterium (VT) - calculated to make crit scum suffer with a steep climb that made legs burn and big guys pop. Still a lean 20-year-old at the time, I did my best to make the sprinters suffer every time
Pre-ride beverage Coffee (with pastry)
Pre/post-ride hangout Pre-ride - Royal Coffee; Post-ride - Barclay's Heffeweissen
Overindulgent meal Barclay's Bacon Cheeseburger with fries
Retirement/current bike While I might spend minutes riding it each week, I often examine, clean, and polish my gray-green, custom-built Eisentraut for hours on end, thinking how much faster I would have been, if I'd had it fifteen years ago.

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