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Name Dana Albert
Home Albany, CA (right in the heart of the Prius belt)
Occupation Network engineer
Experience USCF Cat 2- 1987 USCF National Road Championships; Collegiate Category A 1988-91; 1990 NCCA Road Championships - TTT Champion; 10 years of bike shop experience; worked for the Coors Classic and covered it for ESPN; occasional writer of freelance cycling stories
Favorite race(s) La Marmotte in France, for the amazing terrain, the abominable suffering, and, well, the je ne sais quoi . . .
Pre-ride beverage Water, chasing down a No-Doz (in keeping with my un-doping regimen)
Pre/post-ride hangout Pre-ride - lounging in bed, trying to motivate; Post-ride - stuck on Bart
Overindulgent meal Los Lardos Especiale (or whatever the four-item combo plate is called), plus guacamole and tortillas and a beer at Mario's La Fiesta on Telegraph
Retirement/current bike Orbea Lobular, custom geometry, orange. Brings to mind Tolstoy's description of Vronsky's racehorse: "She possessed in the highest degree a quality that made one forget all shortcomings; this quality was blood, that blood which tells, as the English say." Full Dura-Ace (of course), with those highly groovy modern wheels that have like six spokes. In other words, perfectly equipped (except maybe for the clip-on pump that's so tiny it's ashamed of itself). I call this bike "Spentje" (the Dutch diminutive for "pacifier." I also have this giant blue Salsa, which I call Orale, that I ride (mostly indoors) on dark, cold, or rainy days, and I have enough extra frames and parts to build a fleet of dangerously rusty bikes.

Kittredge Criterium, 1983




Collegiate Nationals in Colorado, 1989


Death Ride 2004


On the penultimate switchback of Alpe d'Huez during the ’06 La Marmotte.


At the start line of the '06 Berkeley Art Museum criterium


Just after finishing the '03 La Marmotte. You could say I overdid it.

Cresting the "wall" at the top of Mt. Diablo, August 10, 2013.

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