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Name Alexa Albert
Home Albany, CA
Occupation School kid
Experience Nonexistent, race-wise. I did the Grizzly Peak Century in May of 2015. Nastiest climbs I've done include Diablo, Lomas Cantadas, Dead Indian Memorial Road. I did the Albany Crit a couple times in the kids division.
Favorite race(s) See above
Pre-ride beverage Water
Pre/post-ride hangout Pre: Moaning and giving Dad puppy eyes in a vain attempt to avoid the ride.  Post: lying on the couch staring blankly at the ceiling.
Overindulgent meal Gordo’s Carnitas Super Burrito.  I actually ate an entire one, sans a couple of bites, after my last trek up Pinehurst. 
Retirement/current bike Light blue Nashbar bike with no logos. I’ve had it since I was ten.  It’s a bit small.  I’m probably getting a new one around my birthday.

Riding in style, cookie in hand, at the Grizzly Peak Century, May 3, 2015

Top of Pinehurst, Feb 2015

Supine after the Albany Criterium, and continuing a fine tradition....

First Mt. Diablo summit, Oct 2014

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