On Saturday, July 16, EBVC lost a member, a friend, and an all-around great guy: Mark Hornor. Mark and his family, on vacation in Hawaii, were visiting a tide pool when his youngest daughter, Mina, was swept away by a rogue wave. Mark went straight in after her, but was unable to rescue his daughter.  Both were drowned. Mark was 46 and Mina was 6. We are all aghast at this indescribably sad accident and our hearts go out to Mark’s family, his wife Jessy, and his daughters Eva and Elsa.

Mark met most of us in 2007 at our annual pasta party, where—true to his famously generous spirit—he made pasta from scratch for 50+ people he’d never even met. He joined his first club ride the following Sunday. Over the years, through four-hour rides, weekend road trips, boys’ nights out, and team festivities we all came to treasure Mark’s unreserved wit, his keen but refreshingly disarming intellect, his winning grin, and his perennial joie-de-vivre.

We will never forget Mark.