• Memorial Day Criterium Race Report


    Breakfast: Trader Joe's Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt with a hand full of blueberries.
    Pre Race: 1/2 bottle of accelerade/water and one strawberrry flavored clif shot gel
    Post First Race: remaining 1/2 bottle of accelerade/water, 1/2 a clif bar (chocolate chip) and 1/2 bottle of just plain old h2o
    Post 2nd Race: Water, then Mexican food at Guadalajara off fruitvale.  Not my first choice but our favorite Cuatro Caminos on San Leandro was closed.  1 - carnitas taco, 1 - carne asada taco, rice, refried beans.

    Race Results: 13th in the Elite 4/5 (nothing elite about it...bad bike handling, slow in corners, spread curb to curb at times).  I was just too far back on the last lap and wasn't aggressive enough to move up.  First race in 2 years.

    6th in the Men's 35+/45+ Cat 4.  Was much more aggressive about moving up and staying up front.  Cleaner race but still slow at times in the corner.  Moved up on the inside on last lap but got caught into the wind on the front and couldn't slide in behind anyone....still.

    In depth:

    Not really much more to add.  The food was solid at Guadalajara.  Large tacos but the corn tortillas are not as good as the ones at Cuatro...  Also, I am a huge refried bean fan and these were good (solid B to B+) but there was only a very small puddle that had too much cheese on top.  

    As far as the race went, I really felt I had the strength to be on the podium in both races.  Having not raced in 2 years my feel was definitely not quite there and I need to really be more aggressive to stay up front/near the front.  The racing itself was what I expected in the 4/5 and 4's.  No breaks, lots of slowing and bad lines in the corners, and guys doing weird things like the whole peloton moving left into the cones on the back straight for some weird reason.  

    I will say there were no crashes which is obviously great.  But and this is a huge but...there's another team out there called Halo Sports/Zocca or something like that whose team kit is very similar to ours in color and layout.  In fact, I used that to my advantage a couple of times in the 4/5 race to move up.  I saw the Halo guys moving and picking up team mates so I jumped on to their wheels and when one of their guys would see me sliding up in the orange and blue, they'd let me stay on the wheel thinking I was one of theirs!!!

    Oh and they tried to screw me on the 4/5 placing.  I finished 13th but they didn't have me scored - only as a DNP.  I complained and they realized their error.  Saw the orange/blue kit on the monitor during review, saw my number but it didn't correspond to any numbers for Halo/Zocca so they didn't know who I was.  Once I proudly proclaimed that I was East Bay Velo and I was 946 and I was 13th...they corrected.

    Traci took a whole bunch of pictures and had a great time.  Well as great a time as you can have watching a bunch of guys going in a big square for a while.  Plus the sun didn't start shining until after my second race.

    Here's a pic of Sean and me after my second race and prior to Sean lining up for his 45+ Cat 3 - and yes, right after the whistle went off for Sean's race I yelled at him to move up.  It didn't work...he was riding near the back the whole way.  Unfortunately, Traci was starving so we didn't stick around long enough to see how he finished.

    - Tony Velebil