• Race Report - Memorial Day Criterium M35+ 3 and 45+ 3 combined

    I'm a bit late in getting out this report. I had to wait for the photos to show up online.

    Short Version: Oatmeal, OJ, decaf. 8th place in the M45+ 3 race.

    Longer Version: We went around in circles as usual. The race was fairly uneventful, though I should mention that Dean attacked and got the first prime with a nice solo effort. Mark D. tried the same move at about the same point on the course on the next prime, but the field was wise to him. I did my usual sitting in and waiting for the sprint. Although there were a couple of teams with 4 or 5 riders, none of them managed to get a real leadout train rolling, which would've strung things out in the final lap. Instead, things got clogged up and we went into the last corner nearly 10 abreast. The result? Carnage.

    Check out this series of pics: http://www.komlik.photography/Cycling/2014-05-26-Memorial-Day-Crit/Race/i-mR7bGhD

    In the first pic, you can see my orange kit 3rd to the right of the big light post on the corner (Dean is in the orange helmet behind me). Look how vertical the crashing guy’s bike is, and how horizontal he is!

    In the second pic, I am thinking, “Hmmm, how am I going to get around that bouncing bike?”

    In the third pic, I am thinking, “Okay, so the bike is no longer the problem, now which of these two downed riders do I want to hit?”

    In the fourth pic, I obviously can’t decide which one to hit, so I miss them both by threading the needle!

    In the fifth pic, I am obscured by the guy in black and red. The carnage continues on the right side of the photo. You can see Mark in orange at the far right. He stayed up. Dean cannot be seen, but is here hopping the curb and riding up the grass embankment, staying upright, and eventually coming back onto the course to finish.

    If you keep clicking, in the ninth pic, I am crossing the line for 8th place… I believe Mark was 9th in the M35+ 3 which raced together with us 45s.

    - Sean Williams