• Mt. Hamilton Road Race M45+ 3/4

    I came over top with Cat 3 buddy John Ensign chasing about 10 guys that we came unhitched from at 5km to top. We descended fast but sanely, and both really felt the little 1km kick up at the bottom of the descent. On descent we saw that one or two riders from our group were off to side of road. One of them was a mechanical, I never verified the other.

    After a bit we had 1 then 2 more guys catch us and we caught 2 guys who popped from leaders. I was taking pulls as this chase group was growing and was really feeling at my limit. Eventually I could not keep pace with the group and at around 50 km to go, popped off.

    I rode a solo 50km time trial motivated by trying to stay ahead of the remaining half of the pack. For most of that time I was right on the edge of cramping and anything other than pedaling smoothly would cause my muscles to seize. Unfortunately at 200m to the line 3 guys caught me and I could not respond. If they had not passed me I would have been 5th out of the Cat4's . As it was I ended up 19th out of 37, 7th out of the Cat 4's.

    It was HOT! often above 100 degrees (39 C) . I drank 5 bottles over the 3.5 hours of the race ( 2 sport drink 3 water) and think I ate almost enough during the race.

    It was a tactical error for me to take those pulls in the chase group. I should have just admitted I was cooked and sat on the back. Even if I got popped later, I would have been further ahead of the chasers. As it was I kept that chase group in sight for a long time even after I popped, so I think I could have sat on.

    - Ken Cluff