• Race Report: Snelling M35+ 1/2/3


    Starbucks grande triple shot latte
      Ham and Cheddar Artisan Breakfast Sandwich
      Core bar warming up

      2 bottles of pomegranate berry Cytomax
      2 Roctane gels


    Short Version:

    Woke up, raced my bike got 30th


    As most of you know I don't write, but what the heck here goes.

    Long Version:

    I did a recon lap Friday evening and felt like crap and I was worried about getting dropped on the first lap and tucking tale and getting out of there with some sort of story about the rear wheel I had just built up with used nipples...  Figured it would be good to get some food in town and a beer or two to build the courage or deaden the reality of getting dropped on small rollers in really my first 35+ fast guy race since coming back to racing after sooooo many years off.  The chile relleno  at the taco shop with black beans and rice along with a bottle of Dogfish Head seemed to do the job.  I figured one more beer at the public house was in order since one is good, two must be better!  Dang that place was cold and so was the stout I had.  Neither was good!  Back to Motel 6 to mount the Contour camera under the seat and lay out some kit for the AM.  Happily this time around I packed two jerseys!!  I was having a bit of flash back mojo moment wondering if Ken's size medium ff jersey was key to a decent race.  The new Jakroo kit would have to do (I love it BTW).  Up at 5:45 to pack the moto and hit Starbucks across the street.  I was a little late so I got a small warm up and promptly dropped my iPhone (in a case) at the start line and cracked the front glass.  Grrr, not a good way to start the day!  It was a little chilly on the neutral roll out as I opted for minimal layers as the day looked to get warm.  Good choice as when we hit the course we were rolling quite well and the temps were coming up.  Made the first lap and the day started looking better.  Made the second lap and started thinking what needed to happen if I was to make the third lap.  Oh crap third lap down, but wait crash in the right turn starting the 4th lap.  I was at the back so everybody was getting up off the ground and moving bikes I found a hole on the left side shoulder of the road in way to big a gear and motored through the soft sandy shoulder.  I Pinned it and got back on rolling up the hill.  Phew!!  Decide it was time to start thinking about finishing this thing so I started making my way towards the pointy end of the group (not all the way mind you) when Lucas comes rolling by and give me a pat on the back and says hi.  Towards the end of the 4th lap I get pushed a bit to the outside in a sandy turn and wind up in the torn up edge of a driveway.  No worries back on towards the back again...  The pace was high on lap 4 not horrible but fast (my upload early I had the KOM for the lap).  So I'm on the back getting through start finish and suffering a bit on the roller on the start of the last lap.  I got gapped by some guys getting dropped and I almost called it a day, but looked down at the HR monitor and I had plenty of room to go.  No way after making it this far was I going to get dropped.  I cracked it hard over the top of the roller and found the last wheel.  After 5 seconds of recovery I decided it's still not a good place to be so I hit it one more time up the right to make it mid field and comfortably in a good draft to recover.  I did all I could do to recover until the end of the climbs and onto the right turn onto Los Cerritos Rd.  Now I had to find some position with 5k to go.  Wound up mid field up to the last small climb and boom carbon deep wheels and crashing on the far left of the road happily on the right, I was able to find some holes and keep moving up.  Up ahead is Chris Phipps, boom that's my wheel.  3k or so to go I'm on him.  A few gaps open and theres one guy between Phipps and myself thinking thats all good!  1k to go not a bad spot to be on the outside, well up the field on with 500M to go.  We tipped into the bumpy outside line and on the exit the guy in front of me droops the chain off the big ring I have nowhere to go and the momentum is going quickly.  Squeak by the left side and as the legs are revolting I hit it hard again at this point to just see how i'd do 'sprunting' at the end of a 65 mile RR.  Got quite a few guys back but really lost quite a few places on the exit of the last turn.  Turns out as I was packing the moto up I yelled to Lucas to say hi and it was he that lost his chain in front of me.  He also make a comment about switching teams to have teammates in a race finally, and they all crashed...  Bummer for both of us, but a great day all in all!

    Post race:

    In-and-Out Double Double with well done fries and a Dr. Pepper.   I inhaled that thing so quickly I almost got another.

    Back in Castro Valley a quick recover beer and Christy comes back from a ride and says I could have gone for another hour.  You know, so could I!  We rolled up Cull Canyon mellow and I was feeling quite good so as we made the turnaround I cracked it again.  She was able to sit on my wheel until the last 500M and I wound up with  a Strava 4th overall on the way back in.  An even better day!!

    Followed by another recovery beer and a big mess of BBQ at Famous Dave's

    ~94 miles for the day and feeling good!

    I can't wait for the next races!!  Grasshopper next week, Spring Classic after that, then Bariani RR, and Turlock Lake RR :-)

    - Mark Dawson