• Ride Report: Sep. 7 Adventure Ride - Wine Country Edition (Lucas)

    I will simply add that I learned the hard way what happens when I drink less than 1/2 the water my body needs and don't eat properly under the sweltering conditions. At mile 90 in Windsor I found myself writhing on the pavement in front of the convenience store that came about 30 miles too late. When I entered the air conditioned store it was a shock to my system, instead of opting for the 28 ounce bottle of water I bought a gallon of water that I began drinking as I got in line to pay for it. As I paid for it I started collapsing on the counter, the attendant asked are you ok, I said no. I was barely able to walk back outside and then it hit me all of a sudden, I was nauseous and on the verge of blacking out not to mention all the muscles in my legs were simultaneous cramping and seizing up. The effects of this severe dehydration and partial heat stroke are probably the worst I've ever felt. I was not going to be getting back on the bike so the others finished the ride without me and Ian graciously offered to come back and pick me up afterwards. Minutes after they left I tried to pick myself off the pavement of the convenience store parking lot to take refuge under a tree in a small park across the street. In the process of crossing the street I puked 3 times followed by episodes of dry heaves. I spent 3+ hours under this tree and eventually recovered enough to eat a sandwich before Ian picked me up at 7:00. In retrospect I should have joined Ceely in Calistoga for grilled prawns with arugula and fresh basil..

    - Lucas