• Ride Report: Broken Derailleur

    We had been taking it easy out the flats and were just passing Ed’s Bar by the stop light before the Richmond sprint when a stick in the road bounced up and into my wheel/chain/derailleur.  By the time I was able to stop it had ripped the rear derailleur off the frame.  Mark found the pulleys and inside cage plate out in the street and Ken lent me an allen wrench to loosen the cable.  Jamie tied the loose cable end in up out of the way.  Then Mark & Henning pushed me the mile or so to the Pedaler in El Sobrante where they shortened the chain into the 39x16 position.  Half way up the hill to the worlds ugliest left turn ™ the chain decided it wanted to shift into 39x17 and did so with a loud crunch.  Pedaling thereafter felt like 53x11 for the added resistance because it had so much tension on the chain.

    I looked at the damage when I got home and my heart sank when I saw the chunk of the frame still on the derailleur.  Further inspection revealed that the easily detachable and replaceable gear hanger had taken a chunk of the non-detachable and decidedly less replaceable frame with it.  All in all it was a nice 2 or  3 months with that bike…

    - blm