• Ride Report: Sep. 7 Adventure Ride - Wine Country Edition (Campbell)

    Okay, so we had a few hiccups yesterday due to the heat (Lucas, glad to hear you are feeling better!).

    Ride Statistics & Summary:
    Total Miles: 119.3
    Average Temperature: 95
    Highest Temp seen on my Garmin: 105
    Total Chamois Time: 8:35
    Total Moving Time: 6:45
    Ride Starters: 6
    Ride Finishers: 4
    Bottles consumed by MC: 8
    Number of rocks not pointed out: 1
    Number of flats caused by unpointed out rocks: 2
    Total number of flats: 3
    Number of spare tubes with long enough stems to get through deep dish wheels: 0
    Number of long stem tubes needed: 2

    The route, including my boneheaded wrong turn and "bonus 5 miles"

    The Start of an Epic day...
    We rolled out of Petaluma with surgical precision, within 30 seconds of the 9:30 departure time, and it was already plenty warm in Petaluma. We rolled through some pleasant, albeit highly trafficked roads into Sonoma, before we made our turn onto Cavedale road. Once we started uphill, Lucas took off, as Ian noted: "Looks like the Strava implant chip has sent it's signal!" Jamie and Kathryn accelerated a bit and rolled after them. Ceeley and Ian rode a sensible tempo to enjoy the view, and I eventually bridged up to Jamie and Kathryn. The road was amazing. We climbed 2,000 feet on a narrow road with amazing views of San Francisco, the Bay, the Sonoma valley. We regrouped at the top, and rode bumpy downhill to the fire station at the intersection of Trinity where we refilled our bottles and watched a string of vintage rally cars rip past (heading the same direction we would take on Trinity, towards Oakdale). The cars were beautiful, Alpha GTV, Datsun 510s, Mini Coopers (the real ones), Porsche, and a pimped out Fiat 500 came past. One of the Datsuns had something wrong with its gas cap, and on the hard left hand hairpin by the firehouse, it spilled huge amounts of fuel out onto the pavement. The smell of gasoline was overpowering. As we rolled down the fun descent, I could actually smell the hard left hand turns coming up.

    The Rest:
    Hot. Beautiful. Me screwing up and taking the gang the wrong way after leaving Calistoga, and heading us back to Calistoga. Hot. Many questions along the lines of: "Hey Mike, where's the next water stop?" Me not knowing where the next water would be, but that it was "within the next ten miles." Hot. Knowing that when folks were feeling the heat in Calistoga, that we only had another 60 miles to go. Hot. Leaving Lucas in Windsor, looking grey and really shaky, for our final 30 mile roll to Calistoga. Hot. The looks on tourists faces in Sebastopol when Kathryn asked them: "Do you know what town this is?" We looked like salt creatures from another planet. Hot. Feeling like no matter how far we went, we were always only 10 miles from the finish. Hot. The last 10 miles were not very pretty, but had a nice tailwind and was on a slight downhill, so it was easy to maintain 20mph. Hot. Turning a corner and suddenly being back at the cars. Hot. Washing the salt off using superhot water that was left in the car ... ahhhhh. Hot.

    The Next:
    Early October -- Dirty Diablo. Will not be such a death march, but will have a few sections of long fire road climbs. New views from an old favorite. Ride will be under five hours. Probably about 40ish miles, more than half those miles on dirt. MTBs only for this ride only, unless you just want to ride to the top on your CX bike, and find your own way down (which would also be a fun adventure, so if you only have CX, please consider it)

    - Mike Campbell